Micronization Laboratory

Manager: Agnieszka Bielicka, PhD
Mobile: +48 692 778 911
e-mail: agnieszka.bielicka@ins.lukasiewicz.gov.pl


Services in the area of:

  • active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) micronization
  • micronization (down to 3 µm), grinding and grain size classification,

  • preparation of materials with precisely defined grain size, including high purity materials,

  • measurement of particle size substance

The Laboratory is equipped with Hosokawa Alpine Multi Processing Plant:

  • 100 AFG fluidised bed opposed jet mill,

  • 50 ATP separator,

  • 100 AS spiral jet mill,

  • crusher, ball mills, impact mills, vibrating screens

The degree of fineness of the ground materials is verified by means of a Coulter LS 13320 Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer

These operations are carried out under special terms of cleanliness and quality in accordance with GMP and PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 certified by Chief Pharmaceutical Inspectorate of Poland