Process Engineering and Special Inorganic Compounds Department

Manager: Jolanta Miśkiewicz, M.Sc.
Phone: +48 32 231 30 51 (ext.180)

Deputy of Manager: Karolina Krupa, M.Sc.
Phone: +48 32 231 30 51 (ext.113)

Prof. Piotr Synowiec
Phone: +48 32 231 30 51 (ext.188)

Areas of Research:

  • Development new and modernization of existing technological and process solutions for the needs of the chemical and allied industries, in particular such as:
    • concentration of solutions,
    • crystallization from a solution,
    • separation of suspended solids in liquids,
    • granulation of bulk materials and pastes,
    • drying of solids,
    • spray drying of solutions, suspensions and pastes,
    • absorption of gases
  • The usage of selected processes and unit operations for wastewater treatment and disposal of liquid waste from the plant chemical industry,
  • Optimization of thermal management in industrial processes,
  • Technological and process designing in the field of Basic Engineering, cooperation with design entities in development of Detail Engineering,
  • Development of new inorganic and inorganic-organic products with special properties, eg. nanocompounds and nanocompounds on inorganic carriers (eg. nanosilver, nanogold, nanozinc),
  • Development and modernization of specialty sulfur, aluminum, fluorine, zirconium, silicon compounds,
  • Development of recovery methods of useful substances from industrial waste (including electronic and electrical)

Analytical expertise and service in the following areas:

  • The size and stability of nanocompounds (nano- and zeta-sizer),
  • Physical and chemical analysis:
    • specific, bulk  and tapped density,
    • viscosity, flash point by Cleveland open cup method,
    • setting time and specific surface area of binders,
    • fluorine content analysis